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  • Glyphosate in food kid eating breakfast

    Glyphosate in Food: What You Should Know

    If you saw the recent EWG reports that the herbicide glyphosate causes cancer and is lurking in your Cheerios, granola bars, and oatmeal, you probably had one of the following reactions: “OMG, I’m being poisoned! This is terrible!” OR “Whatever, it’s just exaggerated, no way are my Cheerios giving me

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  • Do cell phones cause cancer

    Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

    News of smartphones, wifi, and power lines causing cancer is easy to ignore. Afterall, you’re not about to ditch your phone any time soon, we’re literally surrounded by wifi in every building we enter or just walk by, and, well, you’re not about to move to an off-grid cabin in

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