• Conscious Consumption Part 1: Take Care of Your Stuff

    There’s a tiny storefront in my neighbourhood with a simple sign propped up in the window reading “Rocco Shoe Repair”. I’ve gone past it a hundred times over the past 7 years, thinking how handy it was to have so close to my house, but only went in for the first time this spring. I took […]

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  • “Stuff” Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Word

    You won’t find many green living advocates admit this, but I like shopping and I like new things – clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchen gadgets, you name it. Even though it goes against most environmentalist teachings, I find it therapeutic and rewarding. And really, I don’t buy all that much that is frivolous. But I’ve realized […]

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  • How to Save Money And Energy this Summer

    Did you know that space heating and cooling, followed by hot water are the main energy users in Canadian homes? Here are 6 simple ways you can reduce your energy bills this summer, without breaking into a sweat.

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  • What’s the Deal with DEET?

              With our short summers, not even mosquitos, black flies, deer flies, and ticks can keep me from enjoying warm evenings by the campfire. I’ve been avoiding DEET, but only based on a general understanding that it’s toxic. How bad is it? Here’s my breakdown on DEET and some alternatives, looking at findings from regulators […]

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  • How to Redecorate Responsibly

    Changing your decor can be a quick, cost effective way to make your home feel fresh and updated without extensive renovations. With some planning, you can reduce waste indoor air pollutants. Here are some eco decorating tips for your next remodelling project from an article I wrote in So Fresh Magazine: Redecorate Responsibly

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  • How to Keep Your House Cool

    Since we’re heading into warmer weather, now’s the time to think about keeping cool. In this article for So Fresh Magazine, I share 7 tips to keep your house cool and comfortable, while keeping your energy use down. I recognize that not everyone can avoid air conditioning altogether, so these tips will help you save energy, even […]

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  • Can Environmentalists Be Saved From Themselves?

    At the farmer’s market last week, volunteers were canvasing for petition signatures on an environmental matter. One volunteer shoved a flyer at me, asking (more like telling) me to take it. I politely declined, indicating that I was aware of the issue, have researched it online and don’t want to waste the piece of paper. […]

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  • green baby room

    Budget-Friendly Nursery Tips

    As soon I found out I was pregnant I started planning what we needed for the baby. I love planning in general, but found it very easy to get carried away – retailers and manufacturers have done a very good job at making us feel like we need everything that’s on store shelves. Don’t stress. […]

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  • how to choose a sunscreen

    How to Choose a Sunscreen

    While looking down the sunscreen aisle at the drug store, I instantly became frozen with product overload. And yet most recommendations for selecting a “safe” sunscreen include “read the labels”. I would need a 24-hour store to get through them all! So how do you choose a sunscreen? There are many good sources out there […]

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  • 7 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

    I broke down and started up our air conditioner today. I can handle the house being a bit warm, but as soon as it stays humid all night I need relief that open windows just won’t provide. For those with allergies or asthma, I get it – opening the windows isn’t always feasible. Whether or […]

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