• Is Organic Produce Worth the Price?

    I didn’t do much research when I started to prioritize organic food several years ago, but with two kids to feed, I decided I should take a look at the facts to see if organic produce is worth the cost premium. The short answer to my question is yes, the investment in organic produce is […]

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  • Why the Earth is not a Charity Case

    Don’t get me wrong. I fully support any event that increases awareness and action around being environmentally-friendly. People come out in droves to clean up parks, they take pledges to reduce energy consumption, they ride their bikes to work. All these acts are great, and I encourage you to participate. But they’re like New Year’s […]

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  • Detoxing Personal Care Products with Think Dirty

    I started my responsible consumption project with my toiletries. Partially because once I downloaded the Think Dirty App I was completely addicted (seriously, who can resist your own personal barcode scanner?!), and partially because I already try to buy “clean” and wanted to put my efforts to the test.

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  • Quick Eco-Friendly Tips

    Since starting my mission to consume responsibly, I see opportunity to improve everywhere. Sometimes I get bogged down. I want to start something right away, but it will take some research, time to develop a habit, or a special trip to a new store. So I write the idea down in a notebook and will […]

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  • The Convenience-Environmentalist: An Introduction

    I’m starting on a journey to consume responsibly at home. Here’s a quick intro.

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