• green baby room

    Budget-Friendly Nursery Tips

    As soon I found out I was pregnant I started planning what we needed for the baby. I love planning in general, but found it very easy to get carried away – retailers and manufacturers have done a very good job at making us feel like we need everything that’s on store shelves. Don’t stress. […]

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  • how to choose a sunscreen

    How to Choose a Sunscreen

    While looking down the sunscreen aisle at the drug store, I instantly became frozen with product overload. And yet most recommendations for selecting a “safe” sunscreen include “read the labels”. I would need a 24-hour store to get through them all! So how do you choose a sunscreen? There are many good sources out there […]

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  • 7 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

    I broke down and started up our air conditioner today. I can handle the house being a bit warm, but as soon as it stays humid all night I need relief that open windows just won’t provide. For those with allergies or asthma, I get it – opening the windows isn’t always feasible. Whether or […]

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  • Are Green Cleaners Worth It?

    Environmental Defence Canada issued a report this month on their study of potentially hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in household cleaning products. With 22 pages of text it’s a bit of a read (and tends to have alarmist undertones), but it has some interesting findings so I am using it to start off my discussion […]

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  • 10 Tips to Live Green

    Sometimes the first step is the hardest, so I’ve prepared a list of 10 Tips to Live Green in my inaugural article for So Fresh Magazine. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to start, or some inspiration to keep going on your green living journey, start with one of these and work your way through the list. Share your […]

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  • The Hard Truth About Fabric Softeners

    Do you use fabric softeners or dryer sheets? If so, maybe you use them because your mom did. Maybe it’s out of habit because commercials make us feel that we need something more than just detergent. But do we? Sure, they make clothes feel softer, reduce static cling, and add a spring-fresh scent. But have […]

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  • Is Organic Produce Worth the Price?

    I didn’t do much research when I started to prioritize organic food several years ago, but with two kids to feed, I decided I should take a look at the facts to see if organic produce is worth the cost premium. The short answer to my question is yes, the investment in organic produce is […]

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  • Why the Earth is not a Charity Case

    Don’t get me wrong. I fully support any event that increases awareness and action around being environmentally-friendly. People come out in droves to clean up parks, they take pledges to reduce energy consumption, they ride their bikes to work. All these acts are great, and I encourage you to participate. But they’re like New Year’s […]

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  • Detoxing Personal Care Products with Think Dirty

    I started my responsible consumption project with my toiletries. Partially because once I downloaded the Think Dirty App I was completely addicted (seriously, who can resist your own personal barcode scanner?!), and partially because I already try to buy “clean” and wanted to put my efforts to the test.

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  • Quick Eco-Friendly Tips

    Since starting my mission to consume responsibly, I see opportunity to improve everywhere. Sometimes I get bogged down. I want to start something right away, but it will take some research, time to develop a habit, or a special trip to a new store. So I write the idea down in a notebook and will […]

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