• Green Living Isn’t a Contest

      Many of us know what we should be doing when it comes to eating healthily and exercising. But when it comes to actually doing it, there’s often something else getting in the way. I’m the queen of excuses or misaligned priorities. “I’ll do it tomorrow.” “Just one more, then I’m done.” “I don’t have time to exercise, but let’s waste…

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  • detox your toiletries

    How to Detox Your Cosmetics: Getting Rid of What You Have

    So you’re ready to ditch your conventional cosmetics, toiletries and body care products. Maybe you’re sick of the eczema, or allergies, or headaches that many people get from products with synthetic fragrances. Or maybe you want to stop contributing to water pollution. Perhaps you are now aware of the carcinogens and hormone disruptors in every-day products….

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  • Homemade Natural Cleaners That Really Work

    I’ll let you in on a little secret: up until 2 years ago, I’d never made my own cleaners. OK, so maybe not earth shattering, but considering that every green expert on the internet does it, I did feel like a bit of an outcast. Why hadn’t I tried homemade cleaners yet? The…

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  • waste free halloween

    How to Reduce Waste (But Not the Fun) for Halloween

    I enjoy Halloween, and even dress up to hand out candy, but for some reason it always sneaks up on me. We’re always the last ones on our street to get a pumpkin, and by the time I get around to figuring out what to hand out it’s so late in the game that I grab whatever box of treats are…

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  • Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

    With weather events becoming more severe and more frequent, it is almost a guarantee that we’ll have an ice storm, or wind storm, or more snow than we’ve ever seen this year. All of this can take a toll on our homes, and our sanity. Being with out heat or having a flood is something nobody…

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  • Non-Toxic Cookware

    Credit: Jane Rix / Shutterstock You’ve probably heard that Teflon is bad for your health. But do you know why, or are wondering how bad it really is? Afterall, it does make clean-up a heckuva lot easier. Read more about non-stick coatings and what the alternatives are in my article for EcoParent Magazine.  

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  • Green Hidden Gems – Part 2

    Here’s Part 2 in my series, where I share with you small businesses that you probably haven’t heard of – but that deserve to be “found”. I focus on products and services that are doing their part to lower their footprint, while delivering greener, healthier services and products to their communities (and beyond). You can read about the jeweler, baby wearing expert, and resale clothing shop I featured in my…

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  • how to pack a litterless lunch

    5 Tips to Pack a Litterless Lunch… Like a Boss.

    If you’ve got school-aged kids and you’re anything like me, you’re in denial about having to start packing lunches on Tuesday. I got used to the lunch-making routine the last few years with our previous daycare but I have to admit: having a summer off (both for the kids and me since I now work from home) was…

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  • Ontario EcoSchools

    An Interview With Ontario EcoSchools

    The main hall of my daughter’s school proudly features EcoSchool Platinum plaques. When I looked into what this meant, I was thrilled to learn that our school receives the top level of EcoSchool certification! I wanted to learn more about the program, and I’m excited to have been able to interview the folks at Ontario EcoSchools to share…

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  • Organic food

    Should You Feed Your Family Organic Food?

    Eating organic may sound like a good idea in theory, but with a family to feed and the higher cost of organic food, is it really practical? It’s a question I’ve discussed on my blog before. In this article for EcoParent Magazine, I clarify what it means…

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