• How to Avoid Greenwashing

    The Honest Company is the latest big name brand to come under scrutiny for containing an ingredient it claims to avoid. Look up Live Clean’s Green Earth line of shampoo on Think Dirty, and it gets a 10 (where 1 is good and 10 is bad). Most Arbonne products get a 5…

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  • Earth Hour

    How to Spend Earth Hour Like You Mean It

    Earth Hour gets a lot of media attention, arguably more than Earth Day. I think it’s because an hour is such a manageable target – you can do just about anything for an hour (other than holding your breath). So for the average person who doesn’t want to think too much about living green, an hour of…

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  • Marmalade Designs

    Green Hidden Gems: Toronto Edition (Part 1)

    I love shopping locally and supporting small businesses. Even when it was in Toronto, I never went to Target – I didn’t go out of my way or make a conscious vow to avoid it, I just never felt the need. There are so many great people in my community doing great things, and probably in yours too. But in the age of internet shopping and trips to big box plazas in…

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  • Diva Cup Menstrual Cup

    Why You Should Switch to a Menstrual Cup

    Ladies, this one’s for you. Have you tried a menstrual cup yet? You should. I started using the Diva Cup 10 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. It’s a great way to reduce your household waste, your exposure to chemicals, and your monthly expenses!  Read my article in So Fresh…

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  • Detox Your Home

    Don’t Let Label Reading Stress You Out

    I had a rare night away recently. Hubby and I got a night at a B&B while the grandparents enjoyed time with the kids. When I realized that I forgot my shampoo, I was reminded of a blog post I read from an advocate for toxic-free products. She said that she would rather go 4 months without…

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  • Waste free birthday

    How to Plan a Waste Free Birthday Party

    When my daughter started JK, we started going to birthday parties. And it was all I could do not to cringe at all the waste! So when her big day came around, I knew I wanted to do it differently. Here’s how I planned a (nearly) waste-free party – you…

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  • How to Manage Christmas Waste

     Even if you successfully reduced your Christmas waste by choosing reduced packaging and wrapping with old newspaper or Furoshiki, you may have family or guests who haven’t jumped on your green wagon yet. Or maybe, like me, you still have wrapping paper and new tissue paper kicking around from your “pre-green” days. Either way, chances are you’re going…

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  • Winter Resiliency and Energy Saving Tips

    It doesn’t feel like winter here in Toronto, but are you prepared for when the snow comes?  With a little planning, you can be proactive in making your house more resilient to whatever Mother Nature brings our way. Here are some resiliency and energy efficiency tips to keep you and your family safe and comfy this…

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  • holiday IAQ

    How to Breathe Easy for the Holidays

    There are lots of things to worry about over the holidays – don’t make your indoor air quality one of them. With more people and more seasonal decorations in our homes, there can be more chemicals in the air we breathe. Follow these simple tips so you and your family can breathe easy…

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  • green gift ideas

    How to Give Green Without Being a Grinch

    I feel like two of my worlds are colliding right now: Christmas and consuming less. I love Christmas – the family time, the food, and yes, the presents. I love giving and I love receiving. At the same time, I’ve spent the last year trying to buy less. Part of why we buy so much is because of the ads that…

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