• better ways to spend Earth Hour

    6 Better Ways to Spend Earth Hour than Turning Off Your Lights

    Earth Hour is a campaign by World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness about and inspire action against climate change. The idea is to turn off as much power as you can for one hour from 8:30pm – 9:30pm; this year, Earth Hour happens on Saturday March 25th. Participating in…

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  • protect your home against natural disasters

    Is Your Home Disaster Ready?

    The forest fires in Fort McMurray were devastating. The fire itself wasn’t all that news worthy – forest fires are a natural part of the forest life cycle. But with tens of thousands of people evacuated and facing the very real truth of having no homes and businesses to return to, these fires were front page news. As long…

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  • 4 Ways to Keep Your House Cool

    Summers are getting hotter, and that’s likely not going to stop any time soon. For some, running the air conditioner is the only way to get relief. Even if you do have the AC on, there are ways you can keep cool while saving energy (and money). Read…

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  • Earth Hour

    How to Spend Earth Hour Like You Mean It

    Earth Hour gets a lot of media attention, arguably more than Earth Day. I think it’s because an hour is such a manageable target – you can do just about anything for an hour (other than holding your breath). So for the average person who doesn’t want to think too much about living green, an hour of…

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  • Winter Resiliency and Energy Saving Tips

    It doesn’t feel like winter here in Toronto, but are you prepared for when the snow comes?  With a little planning, you can be proactive in making your house more resilient to whatever Mother Nature brings our way. Here are some resiliency and energy efficiency tips to keep you and your family safe and comfy this…

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  • 10 Quick Tips for a Greener Home

    Think you need a lot of time or money to have a meaningful impact on greening your home? Think again! Whether you’re already living green, or just starting to make some changes, here are 10 quick tips you can implement now for a greener, healthier home.

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  • How to Keep Your House Cool

    Since we’re heading into warmer weather, now’s the time to think about keeping cool. In this article for So Fresh Magazine, I share 7 tips to keep your house cool and comfortable, while keeping your energy use down. I recognize that not everyone can avoid air conditioning altogether, so these tips will help you save energy, even with an air…

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  • 7 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

    I broke down and started up our air conditioner today. I can handle the house being a bit warm, but as soon as it stays humid all night I need relief that open windows just won’t provide. For those with allergies or asthma, I get it – opening the windows isn’t always feasible. Whether or not you…

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  • Quick Eco-Friendly Tips

    Since starting my mission to consume responsibly, I see opportunity to improve everywhere. Sometimes I get bogged down. I want to start something right away, but it will take some research, time to develop a habit, or a special trip to a new store. So I write the idea down in a notebook and will add new habits as I’m able. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they…

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