• commute by bike

    How to Commute by Bike – Excuse Free!

    It just so happened that during bike week I had a few meetings downtown. Too far to walk, and near but not on the subway. So I decided to ride my bike. This might be a small thing to many, but to me it was a big deal. I am full of good intentions when it comes to commuting by bike…

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  • holiday IAQ

    How to Breathe Easy for the Holidays

    There are lots of things to worry about over the holidays – don’t make your indoor air quality one of them. With more people and more seasonal decorations in our homes, there can be more chemicals in the air we breathe. Follow these simple tips so you and your family can breathe easy…

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  • A Greener, Stress-Free Holiday

    The last thing we need is more to think about over the holidays. What if you could do less and get more out of the season? In my article for So Fresh Mag, I show how you can decorate, host, and give green while staying festive. I’m willing to guarantee you get through it with more…

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  • How to Choose Natural Baby Care Products

    Since many labelling terms aren’t regulated (like “natural” and “non-toxic”), it can be hard to determine whether they are true or part of a greenwashing campaign – unless you know how to read ingredient lists. But between chemical names and scientific names of botanicals, it can be quite daunting when you start paying attention to labels. To help get you started, here…

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  • How to Identify and Remove Carcinogens from Your Home

    Did you know that many common household products contain known or suspected carcinogens? The regulatory environment in Canada is based on the premise that a product is safe unless proven otherwise. Consequently, new chemicals are introduced into products without truly understanding the implications on our health. The good news is, there are readily available alternatives that don’t contain potentially harmful ingredients. Here are…

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  • How to Redecorate Responsibly

    Changing your decor can be a quick, cost effective way to make your home feel fresh and updated without extensive renovations. With some planning, you can reduce waste indoor air pollutants. Here are some eco decorating tips for your next remodelling project from an article I wrote in So Fresh Magazine:

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  • green baby room

    Budget-Friendly Nursery Tips

    As soon I found out I was pregnant I started planning what we needed for the baby. I love planning in general, but found it very easy to get carried away – retailers and manufacturers have done a very good job at making us feel like we need everything that’s on store shelves. Don’t…

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