• sleeping baby

    Are There Toxic Flame Retardants in Children’s Pajamas?

      This is one of those questions that has some parents totally freaking out, or completely unaware that it could be a “thing”. And if you start looking into whether there are toxic flame retardants in your children’s pajamas, you may find the answer you want in a 5 minute Google search… but it won’t take long before you read something…

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  • woman in kitchen

    How to Set Your Kitchen Up For Success

    Sure, we all know we should eat less processed and more home-cooked meals… but that’s easier said than done, right?! Trust me, I get it. I’ve been known to order pizza in a state of exhaustion more than once. But I know how important it is to cook for my kids, so I make it a priority as much…

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  • baby in bath

    Is SLS toxic?

    I’ve seen so many comments about people being excited about a product until they found out that it had SLS in it. It’s one of those ingredients that is controversial. But is SLS toxic for real? I’ve tacked other contentious issues like EMFs, essential…

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  • 2019 Green Gift Guide

      I used to plan holiday gifts for months. Then I had kids, and with all the other planning and things to stay on top of, shopping started in (late) December. I think there’s a happy medium, and one strategy that I subscribe to that has helped immensely is this: Don’t just give for the sake of giving. Regardless of whether…

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  • healthy and green cat and dog

    Healthy and Green Pet Care

    Guest post by Maggie Marton, author of The Zero Waste Pet.   Loving pets and loving the planet don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  That sounds obvious, right? You love your pets, and you want to live in a healthy, clean, non-toxic home. But once you start digging into the research on raising an eco-friendly…

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  • There’s No Such Thing As Scientific Proof

    I’ve been asked a lot recently for the science that proves we should be concerned about ingredients in our personal care and cleaning products, mattresses, air, and water. It’s from women who’s partners are skeptical and need the science to prove it before they make any changes. I’m not surprised. “There’s no scientific proof” is one of the favourite lines in shoddy news articles…

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  • What My Husband Really Thinks of Going Green at Home

    Photo credit: Krista Fogel Photography Ever wish your partner would just trust that you weren’t over-reacting, that paying attention to ingredients mattered, and that investing in your family’s future was worth it? If you’re like so many women I speak with, you might feel like you can’t make the progress you want in your home…

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  • The Products in my Bathroom Right Now

    “What do you use, Emma?”  I get a lot of DMs and emails with this question, so I figured it was high time I share it all in one place! I’m a minimalist when it comes to my personal care products. When I find a brand I like, I tend to stick with it. So…

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  • Beyond Label-Reading: What Else You Can Do to Reduce Toxic Chemicals in Your Home

      If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big believer in the power of collective action. Every change we make in our own homes, every conversation we have with others about our choices, has a ripple effect. But many of you want to know what you can do beyond voting with your…

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  • 3 Steps You Need to Take to Detox Your Home Without Overwhelm

    So you’ve decided you want to get rid of toxic chemicals from your home. But where do you start? It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. There are lists, resources, articles, videos… so much information that is supposed to help you; but in reality, we are drowning in it. Today, I’m going to be your life…

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