The Easiest Detox Isn’t a Diet

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I’ve done detox diets, but to be honest, they’re hard for me. I have a sweet tooth. I don’t love vegetables (I mean, I eat them, but I never crave a kale salad). And as soon as the required number of weeks are up, I’m jumping right back onto my normal diet bandwagon. Now, I like to think I eat fairly healthy, but I definitely have my vices.

That’s the thing with detoxes. They typically put you in a position of having to go without, make sacrifices, and deprive yourself in exchange for improved health.

Plus, detoxing is more complex than many fad diets let on. It’s not just as simple as cleaning up what you’re putting in your body. You also have to be supporting your body to effectively get rid of the toxics it will be releasing on your cleanse.

Otherwise, the toxics you are trying to eliminate end up floating around in your body causing more harm than before.

This is why I believe it is important to get medical support whenever you’re undergoing a cleanse or detox diet. And the best professional to help you with this, in my opinion, is a naturopathic doctor; maybe in combination with a nutritionist to help you with meals that fit with your lifestyle. Between them, they can help you create a plan that is sustainable for you, while supporting the rest of your body through the process.

But looking at what you’re fuelling yourself with is only one piece of the puzzle if you’re doing a detox for long-term health. Arguably before, or at the very least during, any dietary and internal detox, you need to be looking at what else you’re putting in and on your body that could be contributing to the symptoms you’re hoping a detox will cure.

If your body burden (the overall concentration of toxic chemicals in your body) is high, your organs and systems needed to effectively detox will not be working properly and all your efforts could be in vain. Reducing your exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals can be especially important here, as they can contribute to:

  • Poor metabolism
  • Poor liver function
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Fertility challenges
  • Autoimmune disease, and more.

It’s pretty hard to stick with a detox diet if you don’t have enough energy to keep it up.

This is why detoxing your home is one of the easiest – yes, I said easiest – and most effective ways to start your detox journey. And the great thing with a home detox, is it’s not about deprivation or constantly having to fit in to your schedule. So much of it is “set and forget” – you put in some time investment up front, but once you’ve got your systems in place, you can keep going on auto-pilot.

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