Product Detox Package

Maybe you want to switch to healthier body care and cleaning products – but are totally overwhelmed by the choices. Perhaps you’ve purchased what you thought was a ‘better’ product – only to discover that the package was misleading and it’s full of chemicals. Or maybe you’ve tried natural products, but are frustrated by their performance and sick of wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work.

If even one of these scenarios sounds familiar to you, my product detox can help.

This package is designed to reduce your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals and give you peace of mind. You’ll save hours of research and potentially hundreds of dollars on testing products that don’t work.

“I was overwhelmed with the information out there, and wanted to clean up my home, FAST. With Emma’s extensive experience and knowledge in this area, it relieved the burden of doing extensive research, saving me a tremendous amount of time…I would recommend everyone go through this beneficial process with a professional like Emma.” ~ Annabel A.

As part of the Product Detox Package, you will receive:

  • Personalized advice. We start with a survey so I can get a clear understanding of your lifestyle, where you shop, your health concerns and goals, and other information to help me give you relevant and practical recommendations.
  • A virtual walk-through of your home. Via Skype or Facetime, you walk me through each of your body care and cleaning products.
  • A custom action plan that incorporates all the body care and cleaning products in your home and makes recommendations as to products you should replace right away (and what you should choose instead), products you can finish and replace with a better choice when empty, and those you can continue to use.
  • A lesson in reading labels. To help you buy better for the long-term, I’ll show you what to look for on labels, and what to avoid so you can be a more confident and focused consumer.
  • Two months of follow-up support. You’ll have access to me via phone or email for two months following our work together, for support and/or questions.
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of savings in the form of discounts for healthy brands and retailers like Green Beaver, and Organic Lifestyle. Clients in Toronto and Vancouver will also receive a free Healthy Moms Discount Card (valued at $30) to help you save even more!

Investment: $399

“I was definitely ready to give my new place a healthy makeover and get rid of all the icky chemically stuff I use every day, from lip gloss to baby shampoo to grout cleaner—and planned to do it over the next 700 years. Then I got lucky and met Emma Rohmann and she changed everything :).” ~ Lonelle S.

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