Whole Home Detox Package

Your home can have a significant impact on your health and the health of your family – from asthma to reproductive health to brain development.

Building on my experience as a green building consultant and environmental engineer, I can help you create a healthier home by making simple changes over time that can result in a major positive impact on your family’s health.

Together, we can improve your air quality and water quality, and reduce your exposure to toxics through your skin and in your food.

This one-of-a-kind whole home detox includes:

  • Personalized product recommendations for all your personal care products and cleaners. See the Product Detox Package for full details.
  • Strategies for improving your indoor air quality. How you maintain your home can affect your air quality and, as a result, symptoms of conditions like asthma, allergies, and MCS.
  • Strategies for improving your water quality. I will identify potential contaminants in your water and outline water filtration options according to your goals and budget.
  • A kitchen detox. I’ll review your food, pantry items, and cookware, and provide a plan to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals through food storage and preparation.
  • A furniture and décor assessment. Depending on your budget (and, if applicable, the severity of symptoms), I may suggest alternate products – either for immediate purchase, or for future consideration when your furnishings need replacing. This includes furniture, mattresses, pillows and flooring.
  • Three months of follow-up support. You’ll have access to me via phone or email for three months following our work together, for support and/or questions.
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of savings. Clients in Toronto and Vancouver will receive a free Healthy Moms Discount Card (valued at $30) to help you save on amazing green and healthy products and services!

You will receive a complete plan, with all this information clearly presented so you know exactly what changes to make, and when. Nothing will be forced on you, and I’ll never suggest changes that don’t fit with your goals, lifestyle, or budget.

Investment: 3 payments of $245 (+HST)

“I would highly recommend a Home Audit from Emma. It identified lots of great actions that pay back well.” ~Graham H.


“Great report, Emma. What an effort for you!” ~Jane S.

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