How to Green Your Valentine’s Day

green valentines day

It may be a sea of red and pink as we head into Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little green too! Unfortunately, conventional traditions for the day of love are less than lovely for your health and the planet.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more common traditions and how you can choose better options. Keep reading to the end – I’ve got a great giveaway for you!


If your celebration includes a little mood lighting, take a pass on conventional scented candles. The fragrance used typically contains the same chemicals you may already be avoiding in your body care products (including allergens and hormone disruptors).

Choose soy- or beeswax based candles to create a healthier, long-lasting burn that won’t pollute the air in your home. Woodlot makes great all-natural candles, for example. {Check out the bottom of this post for a giveaway!}

Between the Sheets

There isn’t much that’s sexy about the chemicals found in your bedroom. Really set the green mood by giving your valentine healthier bedding, to go along with your healthy candles. Organic cotton or bamboo sheets made without toxic dyes and processing chemicals are a gift that keeps on giving (like these from Organic Lifestyle). Make sure you read labels on any body care products you’re giving (or using) too, and avoid the dirty dozen or look for those that rate well on Think Dirty or Skin Deep.


Many mass-produced chocolate products contain palm oil, which is contributing to destruction of rain forests and putting species at risk. Read labels, and opt instead for organic, fair trade chocolates free from palm oil. Some of my favourite brands are Cocoa Camino and Giddy YoYo.


Cut flowers may be grown with heavy doses of pesticides and in energy intensive green houses. Consider locally-sourced potted plants instead – they’ll last longer, and if you pick one from this list, it can help clean the air in your loved one’s home too.


I actually hate valentines because of the waste involved. I will admit that I can’t quite tell my 5-year-old that she won’t be handing out valentines like everyone else in her class. (I’ll cross that bridge when she’s older. Since my 2-year-old doesn’t know any better, I’m taking a pass with him still.)

Consider something usable, like themed pencils, to give out. If you love the idea of handing out little cards, check out these adorable downloadable cards – made by a local Toronto mom, so you’ll be supporting small business plus you can print on FSC certified or 100% recycled paper from your PJs.


You might think that one day won’t have a big impact on your overall footprint, but if everyone made better choices for Valentine’s Day, the world would be much better off. So take the lead, and show someone you care about them in ways they won’t expect:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’m making Valentines Day healthy and green,
Because I love you.

(Oh yes I did…)



One lucky reader will win an 8oz Woodlot Cinder candle from Skin to Skin Goods!

Enter here AND comment below with what you’ll be doing to go green for
Valentines Day.

Contest closes February 13th, 2017 at midnight, EST. Contest open to Canadian residents only.



This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase from Organic Lifestyle using the link provided, I will receive a small percentage of your purchase. I shop at and love the premise behind the shop, and hope you do too. 


  1. Maria says

    I agree that paper Valentine’s are a bit of a waste of paper, but considering hkw much my oldest son loved his when he first got them, I’m willing to sacrifice the paper. I will aim for something I can print myself though 😉 For my little one’s daycare, I’m taking in home-made mini carrot muffins. I know I’m lucky that I can do that as a lot of day cares don’t allow homemade snacks; he’s too young still for the paper valentines, so edible it is! Mommy is ready for Vday, too! I got my own beautiful, wine red, all natural lipstick made at the Bite Beauty lip lab on Queen West yesterday, and daddy is getting his favourite home-made meal (my special Greek meatballs in tomato sauce) that we’ll get to enjoy after the kids have gone to bed. It’s the little things that make us feel special and the time we take to enjoy them. Vday is not supposed to be Xmas part 2 although retail makes such a big deal of it. A Woodlot candle would go very nicely with our special meal though 😉

  2. Amanda says

    We will definitely be enjoying some fair trade chocolate this Valentine’s Day! I love Giddy Yo Yo too!

  3. Phoebe C says

    My partner and I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day but you can be sure that I’ll be looking into less toxic candles.. I am guilty of purchasing at Bath & Bodyworks!!

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