Virtual DIY Green Cleaners Workshop




Want to start using non-toxic and affordable DIY cleaners, but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered!

“I had no idea how easy and cost efficient it could be (I am not a DIY person at all).” ~ Jennifer H.

I am bringing my popular in-person workshop online! Join me from the convenience of your own home, and you’ll learn the importance of choosing better cleaners for your health and how to make your own products that actually work (and it’s not just vinegar and baking soda on purpose…).

“Emma is knowledgeable, friendly and inspirational! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually looking forward to cleaning!” ~ Lisa K.

What’s included in this 1-hour live video workshop with Green at Home founder, environmental engineer, and mom Emma Rohmann:

  • Background information on why green cleaners are important to your health – based on the latest science.
  • Bonus tips like how to clean your oven and stainless steel appliances plus the best natural disinfectant.
  • How to read labels for when you are buying off-the-shelf (even though cleaners don’t have to include ingredients by law).
  • Downloadable shopping list, including where you’re likely to find the materials and ingredients at a store near you or online.
  • Equipment list so you’ve got what you need for the workshop – be sure to sign up ASAP to have time to get everything you need!
  • Information on the ingredients – what they are and why they’re effective.
  • Recipes and tutorial that walks you through making 5 cleaners that will cover most of your cleaning needs: All-Purpose Spray, Tub & Tile Scrub, Window & Glass Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, and Laundry Soap.

“We tried our new cleaners after your workshop and loved them so much that we got rid of our conventional products!” ~ Eric C.

The workshop was recorded live in May, 2018, but you can access it along with ALL the bonus resources for just $20+HST!

Emma is an environmental engineer, mom of 2, and NOT a DIYer. But these cleaners work so well, are simple to make, and are incredibly cost effective that she has been making them for 3 years now. She combines her passion for healthy living with practical and science-based information to help you incorporate healthier products without the overwhelm. 

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