Stop wasting time and money on “green” home products that don’t work, and start creating your healthy home - simply.


Whether you are struggling with asthma or allergies, fertility challenges, or are preparing to welcome a baby into your home, you know you can make a difference by reducing toxic chemicals in your home.

But the thought of detoxing your entire home is just too daunting.

Not to mention, you’ve been disappointed after trying “green” products that didn’t work. You’re conflicted – you know you need to make a change, but don’t know where to start.

As an environmental engineer, mom, and green consumer for over 15 years, I get it. Making change is hard and there is a tonne of conflicting (and scary) information out there. I started detoxing my home before Facebook groups and blogs, so it meant I tried a lot of products before finding ones that worked.

In fact, I’m still constantly testing new products. I also extensively research the science behind chemicals and how they affect our health. As a David Suzuki Foundation Queen of Green Coach and in working with families one-on-one, I have gained valuable insights into how to effectively support others in their healthy living journey.

You aren’t in this alone, and you can have a home that will support your health, not make it worse.


You’ve been told that products in your home contain chemicals that affect your health, but nobody has shown you how to effectively (and practically) reduce them.

You’ve asked for suggestions in Facebook groups and get dozens of different opinions (and more often than not people trying to sell you something). You’re not sure who you can trust or where to start.

Trying to decipher ingredients seems to require a master’s degree in chemistry, and making your own everything just isn't practical.

All of the information out there is overwhelming and green products are just too expensive.

 Maybe you've made some changes but you're stuck on what your next move should be.

Here's the thing...

> If you’re suffering from asthma, allergies, or multiple chemical sensitivity, you might be surprised at how many triggers are hiding in your home.

> If you have young children, they are more susceptible to long-term health effects from the chemicals in our homes - even at low doses.

> Fatigue, weight-gain, PCOS symptoms and chronic disease may not be fully cured without reducing exposure to certain chemicals.

Despite the science behind this, most healthcare professionals aren’t aware how exposures to chemicals at home can impact your health. And if they are, they likely aren't giving you enough support to effectively make changes in your own home.

So while you may be working on detoxing from the inside, if you aren't detoxing from the outside your symptoms will probably return.

Stop running yourself in circles trying to create a healthier home, only to realize you’ve wasted time and money on products that don’t work.

Support your long-term health with my online group program - Your Healthy Home.

You will:

Leave the program with a clear, room-by-room plan to detox your home that won’t stress you out.

Get specific product recommendations for truly healthy/non-toxic products that work.

Learn how to quickly DIY many of your home products to help save you money.

Get a toolbox of simple (and often free) actions that make a big impact on your health and the planet.

Be able to make healthier choices without confusion or frustration.

Receive bonus discounts to help you save $100s on healthy products and services to help you even more with your detox.

With videos, live Q&A sessions, and downloadable resources, this online program is focused on results. I will walk you through a clear process so you can take action right away - skipping the overwhelm to create a home that supports your health, rather than drains it.

“I wanted to tell you sincerely how much I appreciate what you are doing. It's almost as if you’re inviting us all on this journey that you’re taking – you are never "preachy" - and you have opened my eyes enormously. I wish I had known someone like you thirty-five years ago. I would have done many things differently.” ~Judy L.

:: 5 video modules where we will go through each room of your home and help you create a practical plan to reduce chemicals that affect your health. 

:: A clear understanding of the science behind chemicals in our homes (without fear or shame) so you can focus on what matters to you and avoid burnout.

:: A step-by-step process with simple strategies and useful resources to help you detox personal care and cleaning products, maintain healthier air and water, and choose better furniture and kitchenware.

:: A behind-the-scenes look at how I approach whole-home detoxes for my clients, giving you valuable insights to apply in your own home - from the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen.

:: Access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions of me and everyone else in the program – even after the program is over.

:: Specific product recommendations and recipes that work to save you time and money.

:: $100s worth of savings on products and services to help you detox your home within your budget with a Healthy Moms Discount Card - free for participants (value $30).

:: Peace of mind that you’re not wasting money on greenwashing, marketing jargon or products you don’t need.

I'm helping an amazing group through the first round of the program right now and will be bringing it back in November. 

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"Your course has been very enlightening! You have everything nicely organized for us and your explanations make sense to me. So it is very easy to follow along! Thank you!" ~ Kim H.


How do I get the course content? You will receive each module via email, week-by-week to give you time to implement the strategies discussed. Each email will contain links to watch the video and get all the relevant downloads.

I live in an apartment/condo. Will the strategies still apply to me? Yes! There are different levels of control you have when you're in an apartment or condo building, and I'll address those for you.

What if I don’t complete the actions after each module? I’ve designed the modules to be doable by setting aside an hour or 2 each week after the calls. If you need more time, all the resources will be there for you when you’re ready.

How much time will it take each week? The weekly videos are about 60mins. You’ll be given simple actions to take each week, which should take 1 – 2 hours. This can be done at your own pace.

What kind of discounts are included? To help you detox your home on a budget, I’ve partnered with businesses to save you $100s of dollars. If you’re in Toronto or Vancouver, you’ll receive a free Healthy Moms Discount Card, which offers exclusive discounts at 100s of retailers and service providers in the GTA and online. You’ll also get special discounts from Green Beaver, Organic Lifestyle, and more!

Can’t I just do this on my own by reading your blog? Some people are able to put in the time it takes to make real change. But if you’re already struggling to make the time or find the resources to feel great about your home, it won’t get any easier trying to do it on your own. Trust me (oh, the hours I’ve spent!). But if you invest in getting the right help to support your health and wellness now, you’ll save so much more time and money in the long-run. I’ve spent the last 15 years working to understand and reduce harmful chemicals in our homes, and I’m laying it all out in this program to save you hours and dollars.

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"I think what you've created is something special. You've done a fantastic job of compiling complex information and making it accessible. I'm a beginner at all of this and the topic is overwhelming. However, when you break it down, it helps me to understand it a lot better and also realize I can do one thing at a time. The giveaways are great too!!" ~ Reena P.


“It feels different to use healthy products. My hair feels squeakier when I wash it, I feel so much happier using clean products to wash my child's hair and brush his teeth with. I'm so excited by this change and really appreciate all of your help and knowledge, Emma!” ~ Lonelle S.


“Emma is a breath of fresh air! She is always full of practical solutions and ideas for reducing exposure to harmful substances in the home.  She has a calm and authoritative speaking style that is very well-received.” ~Dr. Zeynep Uraz, ND

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