You want your home, and the products in it, to be safe and healthy.

You're worried about your family's long-term health and you've heard that toxins are linked with cancer, asthma, infertility, obesity, and other conditions.

... But the thought of detoxing your whole home feels SO overwhelming!

Oh yah, and you’ve already been disappointed after trying “green” products that didn’t work. 

You’re stuck. You know you want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. You’re already so busy, and you’re sick of all the conflicting (and sometimes scary) information on Google and in Facebook Groups.

You aren’t alone!

As a working mom of 2 young kids, I get it. Making change feels impossible when it means fitting anything else into our busy schedules. But it doesn't have to be! 

I'm here for you. I am an environmental engineer, guest lecturer at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine on Environmental Health, and a trained David Suzuki Foundation Queen of Green Coach. I have spent the last 15 years making buildings greener and for the past 3 years I’ve focused on making homes healthier.

I’ve worked with over 60 families just like yours and am here to help you on your own healthy living journey.

Sound familiar?

 You know that chemicals in your home are affecting your health, and you’re trying to figure out the best, easiest, and cheapest way to reduce them.

 You’ve asked for help in Facebook groups and get dozens of different opinions (and more often than not people trying to sell you something). You’re not sure who you can trust or where to start.

 Trying to decipher ingredients seems to require a PhD in chemistry, and making your own everything just isn't practical.

 All the “safe” and “green” products you’ve found are too expensive, so you don’t think it’s really feasible for you to make the switch.

 Maybe you've started to make some changes but you're ready to dig a little deeper.

Here's the thing...

If you’re suffering from asthma, allergies, hormone issues, or multiple chemical sensitivity, you might be surprised at how many triggers are hiding in your home.

If you have young children, they are at a greater risk of serious, long-term health effects from the chemicals commonly found in your home.

Fatigue, weight-gain, eczema, PCOS symptoms and chronic illness may not be fully cured without reducing exposure to chemicals found in every day products that are wreaking havoc on your hormones.

Stop wasting time and money on products that don’t work or offer false promises.

Support your long-term health with my online program:


"This course is amazing! Emma takes complex information and turns them into doable actions so that anyone could start detoxing and greening their lives. The tasks are super easy to understand and follow. And the resources are superb! Worth your time and every penny!"

~ Gaby F.

Are you in?

I am retiring this version of the program and launching a new (more expensive) one in 2019. If you've been waiting to get the answers you need to truly create a healthier home, now is the time!

Get access to Your Healthy Home on-demand for only $149+HST!

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Sign up now and you'll receive instructions to access the full course materials so you can go through them at your own pace.

You'll also get access to the private Facebook Group just for Your Healthy Home participants, where you can get even more support!

What would it feel like to create a truly healthy home for you & your family?

By the end of Your Healthy Home you will:

Have a clear, room-by-room plan to detox your home that won’t stress you out.

Know which products and brands are truly healthy and actually work.

Have a toolbox of simple (and often free) actions that make a big impact on your health and the planet.

Be able to make healthier choices throughout your home without confusion or frustration.

Have saved hours (if not days) of research and $100s on failed product testing.

With videos, downloadable resources, and access to the private Facebook Group, this online program is focused on results.

I will walk you through a clear process so you can take action right away - skipping the overwhelm to create a home that is healthy and safe for your family.

"I've been following Emma's FB page and blog and jumped on the opportunity to take this program when it arose. It was the perfect balance of information and suggestions we could begin implementing week over week. Emma helped me understand where to make big or small changes that would have the most impact on both creating a healthy home and a better environment while also providing options for saving money & creating new habits. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in creating a greener and healthier home through realistic and practical steps."

~ Natalie D.


~ 5 step-by-step videos walking you through strategies for each room of your home ($250 value)

~ Downloadable room-by-room Action Plan Checklists, Shopping Guides, and Cheatsheets ($800 value)

~ Access to private support group with Your Healthy Home alumni and me, an environmental engineer specializing in home detox (worth $240/year)


Topics Covered:

:: How your home affects your health: The science, not the hype.

:: In the Bathroom: Learn how to detox your body care, shower curtain, bath toys, shower water, and more.

:: Laundry & Cleaners: How to choose healthy products that work or make your own if you're game.

:: In the Kitchen: The safest cookware, what you should definitely eat organic and how to do it on a budget, the kitchen habits that are harming your health and what you can do about it, plus the hidden ingredients in your kitchenwares to avoid.

:: Home Maintenance Strategies: How to run your furnace and air conditioner, what to know about air purifiers, and how you can reduce toxics without breaking the bank or a sweat.

:: Money-Saving Tips: I love strategies that don't take a lot of time or money, and I share a tonne of them throughout the program.

:: Plus: Mould Prevention, Pest Control, Air Cleaning Strategies, and More!

Get specific product recommendations, shopping lists, action plans, budget-friendly tips that you can use whether you're just getting started or have already started detoxing your home.

"I would highly recommend the Your Healthy Home Program. It does not matter what level of "green" you are at. Emma provides very manageable habits and actions at different levels so that everyone can choose something they can do to start making their home environment healthier. The weekly emails are jam-packed with useful information that I know I will be using for many years to come. If you're on the fence about signing up, know that I was too, but I definitely do not regret it!"

~ Johanna S.

"Emma’s Your Healthy Home program made a whole home detox totally achievable. Emma has a way of breaking things down into small steps and finding ways to take small steps that can build into big impact. I’m so glad I took the course. "

~ Tamara S.

"Thank you, Emma for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us during this 4 week program. It was very manageable to participate in, while at the same time, making immediate and successful changes to our home! I learned a lot and look forward to sharing my cleaner and greener home with family and friends! "

~ Anna P.

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How do I get the course content?

You will receive access to a folder with all course materials, presented in an easy-to-follow way. You'll have all the videos and downloads at your finger tips so you can go through the material as your time allows. Each video is about 30mins.

I live in an apartment/condo. Will the strategies still apply to me?

Yes! There are different levels of control you have when you're in an apartment or condo building, and I'll address those for you.

What if I'm already pretty healthy/green?

I've specifically designed this program to apply to a range of knowledge and experiences. I have built in strategies that will push your knowledge and build on the work you've already done. Even participants who considered themselves to have a low-tox home have reported big lessons learned and felt the program was worth it.

How much time will it take each week?

Each video is 30mins. You’ll be given simple actions to take each week, which should take 1 – 2 hours. This can be done at your own pace, but are designed to be done weekly.

What if I don’t complete the actions after each module?

You could go through and just watch all the videos and implement strategies later. But I've designed the program to give you quick wins to help you continue to make progress, without feeling overwhelmed.

Can’t I just do this on my own by reading your blog?

Some people are able to put in the time it takes to make real change. But if you’re already struggling to make the time or find the resources to feel great about your home, it won’t get any easier trying to do it on your own. Trust me (oh, the hours I’ve spent!). But if you invest in getting the right help to support your health and wellness now, you’ll save so much more time and money in the long-run. I’ve spent the last 15 years working to understand and reduce harmful chemicals in our homes, and I’m laying it all out in this program to save you hours (if not days) and hundreds of dollars.

"I think what you've created is something special. You've done a fantastic job of compiling complex information and making it accessible. I'm a beginner at all of this and the topic is overwhelming. However, when you break it down, it helps me to understand it a lot better and also realize I can do one thing at a time. The giveaways are great too!!"

~ Reena P.

"Your course has been very enlightening! You have everything nicely organized for us and your explanations make sense to me. So it is very easy to follow along! Thank you!"

~ Kim H.

"Emma's program took my already 95% green home and showed me practical ways to dig even deeper. She really knows her subject matter and takes something that can be very confusing and explains in a way you can apply and understand."

~ Danielle L.

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